Terms & Conditions
*Referrals may ONLY be submitted for Experienced Drivers (per hiring criteria).
*All rehire referrals must NOT have driven for Covenant within the past 120 days.
*For drivers that qualify as students (having completed CDL School in the past 60 days or the next 60 days), the total payout is $250 with $125 after completion of first dispatch and $125 after 90 days employment. All other Terms and Conditions apply.
*A referrer can ONLY be paid on the same referral one time. If the referral leaves Covenant and then comes back a second time, the referrer is not eligible to turn in that referral again if the referrer was paid on the referral the first time.
*Referrals must be submitted prior to a recruiter speaking to or running processes on the referred driver.
*Referrals will be checked in Tenstreet Records and if the referral has spoken to or had any contact with a recruiter within the past 2 weeks, the referral will not count.