The Greatest Recruiters Are Your Drivers.

Simplify your driver referral process!


How It Works

We create your carrier’s TruckerReferral page with the specifics of your referral bonus program.

You then put a link to your custom page in the following places.

  • Mobile Driver App
  • Main Website
  • Outgoing Emails to Drivers
  • Recruiters desktop (so they can complete if a driver calls in)

When the referral is submitted, our integration sends it directly to your Tenstreet where all information can be tracked and recruiters can work the leads!


Many carriers say they would double the number of driver referrals if they could. Having a lead generation process in place is the first step to doing that.

What We Know…

Driver referrals are one of the easiest (and cheapest!) ways to generate interest in your carrier. Your professional drivers are the best “ad campaign” you can ask for.


The process at many carriers for a driver to refer another driver is shaky at best and there is often no tracking in place to ensure the driver receives a referral bonus.

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The Solution…

TruckerReferrals takes out the confusion and creates a streamlined process for your drivers and other employees. It is custom made for your specific driver referral program so that it is unified with your brand. TruckerReferrals lays out your entire referral program all on one easy access link that’s mobile-friendly and integrated with Tenstreet!

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